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Contact us for a free consultation and design information!

Phone: (604) 715 3364


Phone: (604) 715 3364


What’s next? 

Step 1 Consultation

The first step of your renovation or new build will begin with an in home or virtual consultation, as per your preference. We will take the time to properly review, explore and capture all the unique needs for your upgrade in detail. Share your ideas, understand the posibilites and be inspired! Knowledge, your personal brochure and a detailed estimate are always free!

Step 2 Design

From start to finish you get full access to your own dedicated professional designer! We will guide you through the timeless and the trending to find what is perfect for you. With a 15% deposit we prepare your mood boards, real pictures, layouts, and physical samples. You get to take advantage of exclusive supplier discounts provided to My Upgrade and will be informed of all lead times before selection. Best of all, your full deposit will go towards the construction phase once you are 100% ready to proceed with My Upgrade!

Step 3 Plan & Procure

Proceeding to the next phase, your dedicated project manager will be the primary point of contact. We can deal with strata, permits and keep the neighbours happy! A guaranteed schedule and all of the materials selected, will be secured with your next installment of 35%. How do we guarantee your schedule? We order everything in ahead of time. Avoiding potential supply chain issues and pre-inspection of products is key, and will also minimize in home construction time. Having full control of your upgrade, you can be certain your space is ready for that big event!

Step 4 Build

This is where it all comes together. Once we begin, we are working on your upgrade every day until it is complete. You can choose to receive regular updates, or just be handed the keys at completion. We always clean up thoroughly and keep the space safe. Your upgrade comes with a detailed package including warranties, operating manuals and a walk through to show you how to take advantage of all the new features. We always look forward to hearing “I absolutely love my upgrade”.